Privacy Policy

At, we respect our customer’s privacy. We take every keen step to secure their privacy. For that, we go beyond the limits and update our system to keep it secure for our clients.

What Do We Save?

We use the details provided by the customers to enhance their shopping experience. However, it’s their decision to whether or not to share their personal information.
We save the below-mentioned details of our customers:

  • Online registration form is filled by customers providing their data, which includes their personal information such as name, billing & delivery address, zip code, and contact detail. This data is used to deliver items and coordinate with customers.
  • The details provided by the customer when they contact us are saved in our records for future references.
  • Information on web page visit, location, traffic, weblogs, and relevant data.

What We Do Not Save? is an SSI certified website. The details of the customer’s debit/credit cards are never saved in any given circumstance. To process the financial transactions, we use PayPal’s site which is immensely secure. In fact, millions of users around the world consider it reliable.
Moreover, if any client wishes to use any other mode of payment, he/she needs to contact us for the accomplishment of his/her desire. We will check from our finance department that either such payment method is safe for both parties, then we can accept your order.

Extra Shipping:

The customer has to pay an extra $50 if the shipping address falls in a remote area and if the customer fails to pay extra charges the principal amount will be returned after deducting transaction fees and jacket cost (if stitched).