4 Animals Used for Clothing, Shoes, Jackets & Furniture

Posted on: April 13, 2018

“When humans act with cruelty, we characterize them as animals yet the only animal to display cruelty is humanity.” These are the words of Anthony D. Williams. Quite appropriately humans are the animals which have prosecuted almost every kind of animal whether land, sea or air animals. The prosecuted animal’s skins are used for their leather to make mens jackets for motorcycle riders and even furniture. The cost of a cheap black jacket made of leather is at the least, the life of an innocent animal. In today’s modern world Peter Parker is portrayed as the man in the Amazing Spiderman jacket, with amazing superpowers. Animals may not be wearing the Amazing Spider Man jacket but they still have superhuman powers embedded in their skin. Let us look at some of the animals which are exploited for their skins, fur and or other physical characteristics.

Animals used for Clothing

1. White Bengal Tiger:

This is a rare form of the original orange Bengal Tiger. Just like Peter Parker in the Spiderman movie has a unique Spiderman leather jacket this species also has a rare colored coat. Its eyes are a distinct blue and they have pink noses with crème to white colored fur with gray, black or chocolate colored stripes. These animals are exploited for their fur. Using their fur blankets, pillow covers, rugs and even handbags are made. White Bengal Tigers are larger and heavier than their orange counterparts. The stripes on their body are a natural form of identification as no two tigers have the same stripes. The stripes are not just present in the fur but also pigmented in the animal’s skin.

2. Lizards:

This is one animal which is the most intimidating to women when it is alive. Once the animal is dead, women are extremely attracted to mens shoes, mens jackets and even ladies handbags made of lizard skin. A Spiderman jacket or more accurately a Spiderman leather jacket made of lizard skin will be very expensive. Lizards come in all different shapes and sizes. The gecko is the smallest lizard which eats insects and can climb up and down walls just like Spiderman, although they cannot climb on non-stick surfaces. The Komodo Monitor aka the Komodo dragon can reach a full size of 3 meters and weigh almost the same weight as an adult human being. Some lizards have the ability to change the color of their skin. Other lizards drop off their tail as a defense mechanism and it begins to convulse profusely. As their predator takes more interest in the wobbling tail, this gives them time to squander off to safety. Just like Peter Parker scampers to safety when he senses danger.

3. Snakes:

Peter Parker was anything but popular until he became the man in the Peter Parker jacket which is also the person in the alter ego Spiderman jacket. The case with snakes is the same they are worth much more dead than they are alive. This is one genre of species which has an amazing list of physical characteristics. But mankind is more interested in making a Spiderman zip up jacket of its skin rather than admiring its beauty. There are more than 3,000 different species of snakes in the world and they can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Snakes do not have ears on the outside and they smell with their tongues. Some underwater snakes can breathe partially through their skin to achieve a deeper dive underwater. Some snakes kill their prey by wrapping themselves around their prey’s body and suffocating it to death. Snakes cannot chew their food so they eat their prey whole and digest it slowly over a longer period of time.

4. Alligators and Crocodiles:

Both alligators and crocodiles are a species which to some look like the most prehistoric reptiles found on earth. Crocodiles do have prehistoric descendants but they also have some of the modern physical characteristics. They have webbed feet which is a huge advantage for walking in shallow waters. The webbed feet also assist them to swim in deeper waters to make sudden turns and movements while swimming. Alternatively they can also tuck in their feet to swim much faster. The face of a crocodile is more sensitive than human fingertips. It is well renowned as one of the sharpest and most sensitive senses of touch in the entire animal kingdom. In the water they can feel bodies swimming above them with this acute sense of touch, just like the spider-sense of Peter Parker. They are an ambush killer which means that they will not go out hunting instead they will wait for their prey to come to them. Humanity is fond of making a Peter Parker leather jacket with their skin. Their skin is very hard which makes their animal skin difficult to work with. This is also the reason why alligator skin and crocodile skin products are very valuable and durable at the same time.