4 Ways of Easily Confronting Extreme Weather Conditions

Posted on: April 3, 2018

Recent years have seen extreme weather conditions become a norm in the United States. Instead of wondering how to protect yourself walking at night from villains and criminals like Frank Castle people find themselves wrestling with mother nature. In the last decade or so the US has seen all sorts of natural disasters from tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards to even earthquakes. Every person trying to take on even a single unforeseen event is considered as a daredevil in their own mind. For each and every daredevil out there who wants to survive the most severe weather or climatic conditions, we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts.

Confronting Extreme Weather Conditions

1. Having a Defiant Attitude:

There are some people who will never accept the reality of circumstances until it actually happens. For example, we all know that the man wearing the daredevil punisher jacket or the punisher motorcycle jacket does not exist in real life. There a lot of other people who wear the daredevil punisher jacket or the punisher leather jacket trying to look like the man in the actual punisher jacket but they are not him. Insisting that extreme weather conditions will not occur in your locale will not make you prepared for them, if they do actually occur. This guide will cater to all individuals of the family from the daredevil fans who like to wear the punisher leather jacket to the oldest and youngest members of the entire household.

2. Creating a Survival Kit:

The following items are essential to a home survival kit.

  1. Water: For each person there should be at least one gallon of water for each day, with a total supply of at least 2 weeks for each individual stored at home.
  2. Food Supplies: The food supplies in your survival kit should be dry food items which will not expire or perish easily.
  3. Flashlight: with an extra supply of batteries
  4. Mobile phone: A cell phone with an extra set of batteries
  5. First Aid Kit: Make sure you have an American Red Cross or OSHA regulation First Aid Kit
  6. Drugs: Common medications which may be needed on a day to day basis
  7. Multi-purpose tool: This will come in handy in exceptional circumstances
  8. Maps: Include detailed map of your area and if possible a map of the entire state.
  9. Cash: Significant amount of cash which will be detrimental in the case of an emergency.
  10. Hand crank or battery powered radio: This will be useful in obtaining weather updates including news and information.
  11. Emergency Contact Information: Phone numbers of emergency services as well as phone numbers of family members
  12. Documentation: Store copies of important documents such as birth certificates, passports, proof of residence, insurance policies and medical prescriptions preferably in a leather organizer or a waterproof organizer.
  13. Emergency blanket: Premium jackets are no replacement for standard regulation emergency blankets.

Do not consider any item less important than the next. Each one of these items is just as important in different types of extraordinary circumstances.

3. Catering to Special Needs:

Not all family members will be like a young daredevil physically. Some members will have special needs and demands. Consider stocking baby supplies such as diapers, baby formula, pacifiers and bottles for newborns. Older people may need an extra jacket advisably made of leather to sustain the extreme weather conditions. Consider storing extra glasses, contact lenses, foldable walking cane, hearing aids with extra batteries for the convenience of senior citizens to give them daredevil hearing and sight. If you have pets recognize the importance of pet food, an extra leash or collar and pet utensils to help them stay alive.

4. Other Important Tools:

Besides these basic essentials being in a natural disaster will give rise to the possibility of being in extraordinary circumstances. Such situations will leave most people thinking, what if. If only I had prepared for this day.

  1. Manual can opener
  2. Scissors
  3. Heavy duty gloves
  4. Safety goggles
  5. Duct tape
  6. Waterproof matches
  7. Whistle
  8. Household liquid bleach
  9. Sleeping bags
  10. Entertainment supplies

The following items will come in handy in every extreme weather situation.