Becoming an Event Planner of a Small Business Skilfully

Posted on: February 13, 2018

Dr. Joe Goldblatt the author of The International Dictionary of Event Management believes event planning is an industry worth about $500 billion annually. Goldblatt’s research points to the fact that earnings continue to rise in this industry. Entrepreneurs in the event management industry who were making 15 percent profits are now making profit margins of up to 40 percent. Let us have a further look at how to get into event planning and the qualifications required to pursue a professional career in this specialization. He believes that the increase in profits is associated with improved economic conditions and stability in comparison to earlier.

Becoming an Event Planner

Qualifications of an Event Planner

Having a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management is ideal for becoming an event planner. There is no doubt that experience plays a major role in this field but being a bachelor’s degree holder will help to associate your dedication to the field. Event planners can substitute experience instead of a qualification. In the long run, the qualified individual will make more money in comparison to the individual relying completely on experience. The qualified individual will also acquire financial increments in earnings faster than the experienced individual.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the annual median pay for meeting, convention and event planners was $47,350 in 2016. Some of the skills which event planners need to integrate in to their personality are problem solving skills, communication, interpersonal intercommunication, negotiation and customer service. Event planners can also choose to complete a voluntary certification to become a Certified Meeting Professional and wear their badge on Premium Jackets. This brings us to the question what is the comprehensive definition of event planning?

What is Event Planning?

Event planning breaks down in two different categories. The first category deals with different kinds of events. Events can be organized for birthdays, weddings, reunions, anniversaries and various other reasons. The second category deals with all the different tasks which are associated with organizing the event successfully. This can involve setting up the ambience of a venue, arranging specific foods and snacks, preparing and sending out invitations and various other enterprises related to the event. An event planner is at liberty to employ contemporary ideas to the celebration. An event planner can advise the host to wear a Han Solo leather jacket on the day of the celebration.

Specializing in Event Management

An event planner can specialize in a particular kind of event such as people interested in wedding events or the character wearing the Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes jacket. This will require coordinating groups of people with the same interests. This approach may also include excessive travelling. The other approach an event planning company can take is to become a reputable partner of an individual organization. Large organizations often have meetings, celebrations, product promotions, conferences and rallies annually to forward their commercial goals. The startup event management organization will require more logistic support initially in comparison to financial support.

Once it begins to expand its commercial activities everything will become much more fluid and less prone to mishaps. They can later use this to advance their own enterprise goals to include other similar large corporations with similar requirements for event management. For individuals aspiring to start their own event management organization it is advisable to start by acquiring experience from a reputable event management company. This will give them exposure to help them decide their own interests and also discover current market trends.