Different Cultures Define Bad Habits In Different Ways

Posted on: February 22, 2018

There are many cultures in the world and with each culture there is a different standard of norms. Each person is unique because they are a unique progeny of unique combination of ancestors. There are distinguishing factors of cultures such as food, clothing, language, customs, religion, and music which all the people of that culture share. Then there are abominations which all the members of that culture will frown upon no matter what. Before we get in to the norms and set of standards of the guardians of each culture let us define the various cultures in this galaxy we call earth. Keep in mind this is just an overview of the major cultures which can be identified internationally and there may be several different cultures within a specific category.

Different Cultures Define Bad Habits

Western Culture

The United States is the one place in the galaxy where all the members of society are free to practice any religion and call upon their god, lord or creator as they see fit. The attire in the western culture varies uniquely from region to region. In the southern states leather has had a significant influence on clothing. A jacket made of leather is a prized possession and a distinct reflection of personality in the southern states. In the northern states a jacket made of leather will hardly be enough to survive the winter months. Basketball, baseball and hockey are just some of the games which Americans enjoy in their pastime. Students can support their star players of their specific state team.

The thumbs up gesture used in the States to express that everything is aye ok is considered rude in other cultures. Another hand gesture which is considered as an obscenely rude gesture in other cultures is the “OK” hand gesture. In some parts of the world it is equivalent to cursing the person you are looking at while doing this gesture. Opening gifts in front of the person who gave them to you is also considered rude in other parts of the world but very normal here. Eating in cars is considered very normal here and it accounts for 20% of American’s diet.

British Culture

According to the locals here this is the birthplace of civilization. The British drive on the left side of the road. In the UK people are also free to worship any deity in the galaxy they deem worthy. Corruption in society cannot be easily noticed by tourists as there are hefty fines for speeding and littering. This is the one country in the galaxy which is considered as one of the heaviest drinkers. Their heroes wearing their Guardians of the Galaxy jacket with the honor to defend and uphold virtue within in the entire kingdom are the members of the royal family. The role of the royal family is like the role of the guardians in a family. They have ultimate power but their role is negligible in day to day affairs.

The UK is home of the star attraction landmark known as Stonehenge. It is considered as a British cultural icon. There are other historical monuments in the United Kingdom which leads archaeologists to believe that the UK was home to the earliest civilizations. Even so gender discrimination still exists today with women earning less than men at the same roles. The British consider their views to be more conservative than the western world. Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Land Rover are all famous British products which are well renowned all over the world.

German Culture

The official language here is German and in 2013 Germany was the second most respected country in a list of 50 nations. Germany is the birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Karl Benz and even Michael Schumacher. The Germans have some of the best contributions to society until today. Hitler’s regime was staunch in their persistence of the oppression of society as a whole. After his departure the leaders and guardians of the society started to appreciate the price of freedom. The Germans are a no-nonsense community being very punctual, adamant, structured, organized and meticulous in their work habits. They seldom accept mistakes. German compliments will be very candid without the use of flowery language such as your shoulders look very broad in that Star Lord Leather jacket and they love wearing designer Premium Jackets.

When it comes to drinking and nudity the Germans have become very uninhibited. Years of repression under Hitler’s regime has made them very nonchalant of nudity and excessive drinking. 14 year olds can legally consume alcohol in the presence of their guardians at social events. There are countless nude saunas, spas and parks which visitors can easily go to without wearing a Star Lord jacket or any clothes at all. Outsiders can find this uninhibited nudism obscenely offensive.

Italian Culture

This is a very culturally rich region. Whether it is cuisine, art, clothing, literature or technology, everything is very contemptuously local and Italian. The Italians traditionally prefer their version of the Alfa Romeo over the Rolls Royce. The Italians are the masterminds behind world famous car brands like Lamborghini, Maserati and the Ferrari. Their cuisine is pretty much similar to their taste in cars. Italian cuisine and recipes are famous the world over. For the Italians every meal is a three course meal. The Italians are very particular about their afternoon coffee and can get easily agitated if anything is not the way it should be.

Italian suits are very fashionable and the Italians are very stylish and a bit arrogant in their way of dressing. Designer coats and scarves a very normal thing here. You will not see an Italian wearing a Star Lord jacket or having anything to do with the Star Lord character. Italian love to argue and to the outsider it may seem very brash but this is just their way of normal expression. Italians may not call upon their lord very often but they still are very superstitious. Italians will normally take a detour instead of crossing paths with a black cat to avoid “sfortuna” or Bad Luck.

Italians don’t like to stand in line this is one of the most often times you will hear Italians say ‘per favore’ which mean please as a favor in Italian. Just like their taste in cars their driving manners are also quite exquisite and will readily cut corners. They also like to clean their plate with bread. To outsiders it may seem that their cell phones ring often but this is often just a missed call. It may be considered rude in other cultures but Italians will give a missed call to inform their host that they may be late or that they are waiting outside. They also are notoriously famous for taking a long time to say goodbye to their guests and seeing them off.

Australian Culture

This is a place where they speak English but even for some native English speakers understanding their version of English is a difficult task. This is one continent whose linguistic skills have evolved much faster than the rest of the world. The rest of the world seems to be way behind in understanding their version of the language. Australia has the privilege of being both a country and a continent on its own. This is the habitat where kangaroos, koalas and platypuses occur naturally. Their culture is also very different in comparison to the United States.

In Australia don’t expect all of the outlets in the marketplace to accept debit or credit cards. Most of the retail outlets are cash only in Australia. Then there are some who do accept debit or credit cards but you have to make a minimum purchase of at least Australian $10. In Australia the smallest paper bill is of $5 and they have coins for $1 and $2. The loose change will add up. You will be incurring significant losses on a monthly basis if you are not careful.

When you are with friends and colleagues don’t expect to split the bill. Who will be paying for the meal, will be decided even before stepping in to the restaurant. Don’t expect waiters to wait on your every beck and call like you are their Star Lord and will hand out a tip at the end of the meal. In Australia the waiters will give you the comfort of having your own privacy during mealtime by not interrupting you every once in awhile. Don’t expect to get connected to free Wi-Fi either without making a purchase. Make the purchase, and you will get a password to connect to their Wi-Fi on your purchase receipt.