Importance of Fundamental Ideals & Role Model for Adults

Posted on: March 1, 2018

A role model is a person whose personality characteristics, both physical and mental, are idealized and imitated by other people. Each section of society can have different role models according to their assessment of good or bad personality traits. As a child, the first man or woman a child idealizes is their parents. Having positive role models will instantly reflect on an individual’s personality. The inverse is also true.
There is a huge debate whether superheroes like Tony Stark or Iron Man are a positive or negative influence on society. Some consider the superhero wearing the Tony Stark leather jacket to be an overall positive influence. Others are skeptical of the extremely high standards of success set by the person in the Iron Man jacket and the implications of not being able to achieve those goals. Let us look at the implications of having positive role models on the various attributes of an individual’s personality.

Ideal Role Model for Adults

Role Models of Physical Fitness:

Parents are children’s first role models but in today’s modern world they are seldom role models of physical fitness. It isn’t difficult for children to find other role models in their daily life in school or amongst their colleagues and seniors. For adults finding physical role models to emulate in their daily life is much more difficult. The latest generation can associate with Iron Man wearing his Iron Man jacket but, for adults it is not quite practical.

Adults can find inspiration in individuals like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tony Horton. Both these personalities physical fitness for their age group is ideal. Stark in his Iron Man leather jacket may be the leader of an empire in a comic book but Horton and Schwarzenegger have experienced the highest levels of fame in the real world. Horton has his own set of gyms and advises on the best for amateurs and professionals alike. Both of these celebrities specialize in helping people successfully set physical fitness challenges and achieve them it the shortest possible time.

Role Models for Career Success:

People like Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison and Colonel Sanders founder of KFC have the qualities it takes to achieve career success. It takes sheer determination and persistence in the face of adversity over and over again to achieve success. Steven Spielberg is another name who was rejected more than once but his desire to succeed didn’t waiver. Walt Disney was dismissed from his first job since his boss told him that he didn’t have a strong imagination.

Elvis Presley was told by his manager Jimmy Denny, “You ain’t goin’ nowhere, son. You ought to go back to drivin’ a truck!” Elvis Presley became the king of rock and is one of the few stars who has an extraordinary personality and looks amazing in a leather jacket. One can also gain inspiration from the persistence of Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb. When questioned how he confronted failure, Thomas Edison humbly replied, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” He has more than a thousand US patents to his name.

Role Models for Social Gratification:

The social life of an adult starts right after a person gets their first driving license. Now is the time your significant other will take you seriously. Now you can put on your favorite jacket made of leather to impress your partner and take them to new places. Young adults can find many media personalities and consider them as role models to emulate in their daily life. Keep in mind that each society has a different set of values. Some things which may be considered uncivil in a particular society may be the norm in another society.

When choosing a role model to emulate try to look for the person with the most substance in their character, a person who can easily impress both your parents and your significant other. Once you are an adult it is time to take center stage and become the role model of all the kids and children. Having iron hard morals will be difficult to please everyone. Remember that there will be always be people who will obviously be in the wrong but will never want to admit the truth.