Captain America Civil War Jacket

Civil War Captain America Leather Jacket

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Civil War Captain America Jacket Characters & Storyline

The role of Captain America in the movie is played by Chris Evans. Evans is not a Captain from the beginning of the series of these movies. Initially he is just a week and feeble fine arts student without any exceptional talents or characteristics. He volunteers to be a participant of Abraham Erskine’s experiment to test the effects of the Super Soldier Serum on mankind. Being the first one to ingest the serum his skin becomes stronger than leather and height becomes over six feet tall. However, earlier he wasn’t even tall enough to join the armed civil forces. The famous civil war jacket is worn by this character to control and pacify excessive superpowers. It also helps to keep his identity a secret. It is in America that the War will begin between the two of the most prominent superheroes based purely on their ideals.

Captain America Civil War Jacket Features & Accessories

Steve Rogers in this jacket made of leather disagrees with the Iron Man regarding the Superhero Registration act and a Civil War ensues. Rogers believes that the protection of mankind is such a great motive that it cannot be regulated. Iron Man believes that all must succumb to this new regulation which is proposed by the act. We provides the world-wide delivery of your Captain America leather jacket or Winter Soldier jacket on each purchase with the following features:

  • Buttoned cuffs with open hem
  • Two inside pockets
  • Body outside PU leather
  • Up side straight collar
  • Body inner lining is viscose
  • Front full zip with brand YKK

The movie presents the point view which makes mankind question is anything civil about war?


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