4 Ways Being Underprivileged & Determined Simultaneously

Posted on: March 26, 2018

Society easily notices people who have become extremely rich and possess the all the charm of this world which they can purchase with their treasures. On the contrary, society seldom notices the hard work in the form of daredevil work hours and the various efforts of organizing a small business the successful person has devoted to achieve this success. Some of the most financially successful people have faced some of the most difficult times with dare devil determination to overcome all odds to achieve inherent success. Let us look at some of the common habits of successful people who have overcome against all odds.

Being Underprivileged Determined

1. Waking Up an Hour Earlier:

A majority of people wake up past their alarm, just in the nick of time to make it through the morning routine only to get to work almost on time. They go through daredevil feats just to make it on time thinking of a good excuse while wearing their PremiumLeatherJackets during the commute, just in case they get late. A much more conducive and less risky approach is to get up an hour earlier in the morning. Plan out the costume and outfit which you will wear throughout the course of the day from the jacket to each and every accessory and have a hearty breakfast. The late Steve Jobs began his day by asking himself, “If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do today?” Waking up early you will notice feeling much more optimistic and diligent instead of having to put on a daredevil leather jacket just to make ends meet.

2. Planning the Day’s Routine:

Just like a student needs to plan out the curriculum which needs to be covered before an exam, people need to circumscribe the events which need to be completed throughout the course of the day. Instead of having to wear a daredevil jacket trying to remember and complete all the tasks which were in your mind the last night, compose a to-do-list in the morning. This will achieve three things. The first, it will make sure that all the activities that need to be completed will be achieved. Second, it will also help you to prioritize tasks in order of importance. Third, it will even help you to avoid distractions when you know what you have to do next. For example, you have a passion for leather and you know that carrying out a certain action will lead you to a store with exquisite leather products. Knowing the day’s agenda you can help you postpone your trip to the exquisite leather store product for a more convenient time.

3. Prioritizing Difficult Tasks First:

A majority of people spend most of their lives dreading everyday events and tasks. For reasons only known to them, they are unable to achieve this task until they begin to despair. Successful people know that they have to do what they have to do themselves. No one in a dare devil jacket will materialize from anywhere and do it for them. This is the reason why successful people schedule the most difficult task as the first thing of the day. Early morning is the time when you have the most energy and this is the time when you will be able to dedicate all your efforts to the fullest. Use this time to complete that task which you have been dreading for so long. Instead of anticipating what could be, put on your best jacket and take the bull by the horns being ready to face the repercussions. Chances are it will not be as bad as you had imagined it for so long.

4. Following your Dreams:

Despite being blind Matt Murdoch is the man in the daredevil jacket cloaked in the darkness of Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan. Albert Einstein despite being highly revered by the intellectual community today was told by his teachers that he would hardly ever amount to anything. He did manage to get good grades but according to his teachers he had his head way up in the clouds. That did not stop him from persevering in the face of adversity to continue to do what he felt passionate about. Today the theory of relativity developed by Albert Einstein is commonly referred to by the most highly educated society. The important thing is to pursue a career or livelihood doing something you feel passionate about. If you are doing what you love you will see obstacles as challenges which can be easily overcome by your persistence and determination to achieve your goals.